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Thread: >>> BEST 2017 <<< Comics and Art full Siterip Collection updated version (18+)

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    Bottomed Out ...

    Release Year: 2009
    Studio: Spunk Video
    Cast: Timm Zane, Rob Rodin, Conrad Stevens, Maverick, Jayson Masters, Jayson Freeman, Jason Sparks, Devlin Michaels, Samuel Adams, Nic West, Austin Shadow, Scott Bradley, Lorin Roberts, Michael Long, and introducing Rowan Cooper
    Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Gangbang, Bareback, Creampies, Cumshot

    When we shot slutty Timm Zane in Palm Springs as part of the Bareback-rt shoot he told me that while he loved shooting the movie, but he would prefer to be the ohly bottom. Oh you know how those greedy sex pigs can be. So I said sure, and he came to Chicago during the mr. cowhide show and I rounded up 14 tops to fuck him into next year.
    Timm was truly in hog heaven as for the entire long weekend he got fucked, and fucked, and fucked some more, until he practially couldn't walk anymore. What was his secret? Well, the Captain Morgan for breakfast didn't hurt, but it's just that this man lives for a cock in his ass, preferably spewing manjuice deep, deep inside of him. If you want to a sex addict get banged into oblivian and the cum dripping down his ass, pick this one up. -- Gary Carlton

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 2:03:58
    Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video V7, 1540kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/c52ba875ec1d38f9547e4401e89b4118.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/5bfe6026e0e754e773ef96186a313aea.jpg]
    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/c0b3a05c16924259a6ab579cbc9ebc25.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/1ab01083c95ea29a61bce120961aa68b.jpg]

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    Joshua 3 .

    Such a
    position is actually quite painful to maintain, even for Neill with his perfect physique.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 14:09
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2941kbps
    Audio: 126kbps

    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/f9f417c7608954d9752b586f71fea9f5.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/3fd5bb8104be136dc245568cd72827a4.jpg]
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    Daddies & Bears Vol. 3 !

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: Older4me

    Find out what happens with this two gorgeous found in an alley. You could not ask for more. This all new features incredible scenes Tom Norway to fuck wild threesome with charming Giles and
    hung E. Fred . Jared gets his ass pounded Heavy Duty Tom of Norway. Lonelle action is accompanied with his huge cock in her mouth and ass Jared - just adding spices to heat. Bill finds a way to get what he wants every time. Peter wants to be fucked over Ghent - big time . Bill pounds Peter's ass and they both love it.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 1:33:40
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 1892kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/dc9581b5f8976116df453ef0afdead53.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/60c0c08125499f226b6a5c1a330863a2.jpg]
    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/0accd31a347297758304fe9fdfec9d29.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/b234bd0dd0be9c0b220c8540846644f8.jpg]

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    Bareback Boys of Rio .

    Release Year: 2009
    Cast: Mauricio, Wildson, Maxwel, Fabio, Laurent, Ricardo
    Genres: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Latino Cast, Dildos, , Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Threesomes
    Video language: English

    The wild and willing Laurent returns to Rio for just one thing: hot, hung Brazilian dick, which is in no short supply in this torrid tale of tantalizing tops and ever willing bottoms, all choreographed by the framed bareback master himself, Stephane Moussu.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:42:04
    Video: 720x480, divx, 1171kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/b7ae7e3e1c0556a2fe0ee76ce74d200e.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/7c0ac4fdf7841f6e6a3c9808a94f5528.jpg]
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    Bareback Wood Workers ...

    Release Year: 2004
    Studio: SX Video
    Cast: Flex Deon Blake, Alan Gregory, Jack Surf, Bo Knight, Justin Santiago, Ricky Balboa, Trevor Sebastien
    Genres: Bareback Sex, Black, Fisting, Oral Sex, Rimming, ThreeWays, Orgies, Uncut Cocks

    Wood shop manager Flex reviews some of the work of his employees Bo and Guns. When he feels they don't understand the meaning of hard work, he shows them. He makes them suck up every inch of his massive black man missle and then he and Bo really start working on Guns. They fuck and fist Guns until he can't stand it anymore. He's begging for their loads and giving them every delicious morsel of his juicy manhole. They fist and fuck him silly and then seed his sweet ass before getting back to work. No overtime for these guys.
    Justin Santiago can't seem to get into the table he's trying to make. Luckily for him, hot stud bottom Alan Gregory is there to let him get into something else. Alan's sweet, sweet ass!! First though, they
    suck each others cocks on the ladder, on the work bench, and anywhere they can until Justin really starts reaming Alan's gorgeous manpussy. Get ready for this sweet piece of ass guys. It's a classic!!
    Flex is busy cutting wood when superstud Ricky Balboa finds his way into the wood shop. Ricky is very open to helping Flex with whatever he needs, including a full service cock waxing. Flex fucks Ricky's mouth like he owns it, not letting him get away even when he needs a breath, then moves on to giving his ass some much needed attention. Flex taps it like a champion for a bit, but that's just to get Richy's ass ready and primed for the best fisting scene you'll ever see. It was the best we've ever seen and we've seen a lot. Flex works Ricky's ass with his fist, eventually getting his massive fist all the way in there, then working it in and out of Ricky's tight butt. This is amazing stuff!! Flex finishes up by pounding Ricky for a bit longer then drops a mansized load on his face and chest. You'll be dropping a load of your own - we're sure.
    Language might be a bit of a barrier between wood shop employee Sean Trevor and the cut Mexican boy thates in the shop, but these guys canmunicate in other ways. Sean understands that this guy has some cum that he needs to get rid of and he knows just how to get the job done. Our Mexican stud works Sean's ass good and hard and gives Sean just the load he was hungry for in the end.
    Haggling can be a real problem at a wood shop, but at the bareback wood shop if you're willing to give up your ass you can probably get a pretty good deal on a table or chair. Sebastian B. learned this when he tried to get a fair price from Jack Surf. Jack works Sebastian's mouth and ass like he's still on the clock. Oh yeah, he was. Sebastian seems like he might want a whole dining room set the way he gives up his ass to Jack. As always, Jack cums through in the end and Sebastian gets the table he deserves.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:59:18
    Video: 512x336, DivX 5, 679kbps
    Audio: 109kbps

    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/c9d73bb44984f339d3724fcb164c811f.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/c4821b46c56343fd2be548021cf51fd5.jpg]
    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/621ab9727a82f5a767558e098113d4e0.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/fd13c11ac154a3d3757b4cbbd4319c1c.jpg]

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    Ben 3 !

    Studio: Island Studs

    Big Furry Surfer Ben is back showing off his new athletic body: ripped abs, football thighs, white college jock ass and a fresh Hawaiian summer tan! This straight married man has a big white beffy butt and fantastic foreskin on his fat uncut cock!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 29:13
    Video: 1080x610, AVC (H.264), 2915kbps
    Audio: 121kbps

    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/0cd83aa0745b13a6ae1154d42bf27d95.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/a07306194b2a2bc6f068cef3d34bd250.jpg]
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    DR-Atlas Evans & Joey Benicci !

    Video language: English

    Atlas Evans & Joey Benicci is taking a nap when Nicoli Cole walks in, planning on some devious fun. Nicoli ties together Kyle's ankles first, then does the same to his wrists behind his back. Perhaps Kyle's sexy
    bottomless underwear got Nicoli into an extra kinky mood? At any rate, Nicoli goes straight for Kyle's beautiful boy-hole, spitting into it first, then licking and fingering him as he wakes up. Nicoli loves to eat out a sexy ass, and Kyle's ass is definitely one for the record books! Giving him a good slap, Nicoli adjusts Kyle up so that his behind is sticking out, and he loosens him up even more...

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 23:54
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1956kbps
    Audio: 184kbps

    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/6a65feed7d74560691c76a2acf27c2f8.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/7104a3da747ddc6a43f017d992a3de25.jpg]
    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/2a4030fc181eb1129ca653ee17c61980.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/98991542c222ce853cc85b5f27da8130.jpg]

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    Ass Fucked .

    Release Year: 2007
    Studio: Wurstfilm
    Cast: Rod Painter, Fabian Brice, Joshua, Michael Beck, Max, Sid Code, Blau Beard, Cliff Inch, Dark Skin, Gnugo, Je Te, Marc Lowland
    Genres: Oral / Anal Sex, Intergenerational, Dildos , Plugs , Toys, Finger Fucking , Probing, Beards, Jockstraps, Leather (Extreme), Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Rough Sex, Tattoos

    When these horny men collide for their new feature Ass Fucked, nothing aside from their filthy sex drives and hard throbbing cocks is important. Prime meat lovers, wee to heaven. Five fuck scenes, two orgies, huge cocks, dildos and a little cigar action to spice things up a bit. Watch these German studs fuck hard and shoot buckets of cum in their dungeon fuck fest!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:38:55
    Video: 848x480, DivX 4, 1948kbps
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    [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/e19a6086fd23af3e064f2ac543e9e50a.jpg] [url=http://photosex.biz/imager/h_500/b15cddba621cf8782a45ba3b35fccb74.jpg]
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