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Thread: Dad Is Sleep Walking (Full Movies)

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    UPDATE 1
    Molly Jane in Dad Thinks I Am Mom

    Duration: 00:35:29
    Size: 129 MB
    DOWNLOAD/STREAMING : https://openload.co/f/rZ19kn5ybSU/

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    UPDATE #2

    Bill, Wake Up, Im Not Mom
    My mom's boyfriend fell asleep while we were watching TV. Then he started to touch my fresh nineteen-year-old bottom. I got so wet I thought I peed. I didn't want to wake him because I was afraid he'd have a heart attack or something. Then his thingie fell out of his pants!
    Studio: Dane
    Starring: Sunny Lane
    Size: 84,3 MB

    DOWNLOAD/STREAMING= https://openload.co/f/zwHPcS5KnQw/
    MIRROR= http://www.flashx.tv/glvqxcs377ja.html

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    [4th Video] - My daddy is a sleepwalker and there was nothing he could do about it. Until someday he fuck me so hard, and I love it.

    Size : 11.6 MB
    Title : Sleepwalking Old Father Fuck Sweet Daughter
    Starring : Skyla St James



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    UPDATE #4

    [5th Video] - -Backstory- Dad was ousted from his own company by a hostile take over. His severance pay was good enough to keep their family afloat for a long time, but losing his own firm and the stress he got from feeling betrayed led him to the bottle. He would come home tired at least once a week these days, and was an absentee father. Mom needed a break so she left for her sisters for a couple of days, while she told her daughter, Vanessa, to stay at her friends place for a couple of days (so she can continue to attend school regularly). Vanessa, came home tonight to check on her struggling dad, but didn’t find him in the house. While waiting for him, she fell asleep in her parent’s room…

    Scene 1 – Dad’s mistake
    Dad enters the house wasted. He stumbles into the room, and gets into bed. He starts to fondle his sleeping daughter (squeezing her tits under her shirt, massaging her pussy by moving her panties aside), thinking it’s his wife. He then sticks his cock inside his daughter, and starts to fuck her slowly. His daughter moans and starts to gradually wake up. She looks down to see herself getting fucked and fondled, and looks behind her to see dad.

    Surprised, she shrieks “dad!” But he doesn’t hear her, and continues to fuck her. Her objecting shrieks of “dad” turn into moans of “dad”. She gets turned on so much, she takes over, using her dad for her own needs. She fucks him, calling out to him (“daddy”, “fuck me daddy”, etc.) When dad is moving around and moaning because he is about to blow, Vanessa gets off of his cock and sucks him to completion. Dad turns around to sleep, and daughter sits there thinking over to herself about what she had just done.

    Scene 2 – This time, it’s on purpose
    The next night, dad got wasted again, and is in his room sleeping it off. Vanessa comes home and walks by his room to check up on him. She comes in to pull a blanket over him and sees that he is hard. She is initially hesitant but starts to handle dad’s cock. She takes it out and starts stroking it. Dad starts to moan her name, quietly at first then louder as she continues to stroke him. Vanessa is speechless and surprised at this. She thinks to herself,” why is dad calling out my name while his aroused?!” She continues to stroke dad’s cock, and to test her suspicions, she leans over to her wasted dad and asks him “you like it when your daughter strokes your cock, don’t you daddy?” He moans and nods his head weakly, confirming the question. “Would you like it if you little girl fucked you daddy?” Vanessa asks him.

    He once again moans and nods in agreement. Vanessa takes off her clothes and has her way with dad. She dirty talks to him much more openly than their first encounter, as she now knows dad’s dirty little secret of having the hots for his daughter.
    She fucks him and dirty talks to him until dad swift around in the bed actively, signaling his about to cum. She gets off his cock sucks him until he explodes. She swallows the cum, sucks his cock clean as possible. She then pulls the blanket over him so he can sleep.
    -fade out-

    Scene 3 - It’s the morning.
    Dad is in the kitchen trying to get some coffee in his system and trying to recover from last night. He is deep in thought about the dream that he had last night, in which he fucked his daughter. He has been imagining about his daughter for some time now, but would have never taken action to do anything; she’s his daughter after all. He can’t believe how vivid last night dream was though…

    Vanessa walks in the kitchen in a skimpy outfit, and greets dad with a mischievous smile. She asks how he’s feeling this morning. He tells her his feeling ok, and asks why she’s home and not at her friend’s place. She tells him that she came by yesterday night to check up on him. She diverts the conversation by saying “that must have been some kind of dream dad” Dad is caught off guard and asks what she’s talking about. She tells him that he was moaning and moving about a lot when she was there checking up on him. He meekly says that he had quite a vivid dream… Vanessa smiles and says, “Oh I know, I was there” Dad is completely bewildered by this comment, and asks “what do you mean?!”

    Vanessa says “Don’t be coy daddy. You know that wasn’t a dream”. Vanessa starts to take off her clothes as she moves closer to dad. Dad tires to move away but is backed into a couch. He asks her what she’s doing, and Vanessa says they’re just doing what they did last night. Vanessa kneels down, takes out dad’s cock and puts it in her mouth without hesitation. Dad tries to object but Vanessa tells dad she already knows how much he wants her, and that the feeling is mutual. Dad cites mom’s arrival as an excuse to stop, but Vanessa tells him she isn’t back for another two days.

    At last, giving in, dad asks her if she is really OK with this, and to respond to that, Vanessa moves over to the couch, lies down and tells him “come and pound your little girl’s pussy daddy” Giving into his urges dad goes to her and starts fucking her. They fuck in various positions, while the daughter dirty talks to dad. In the end dad explodes in her mouth, and Vanessa shows dad what his done. She swallows, and goes back to sucking dad clean. She tells him that this is a start of something great. She goes back to sucking his cock…

    Scene 4 - Fucking before mom comes home
    They did it again, until mom is come back.

    Size : 200 MB
    Running Time: 32 minutes
    Title: Vanessa Cage in Dads Mistake Turns into Something Special
    Released: 10/2013
    Studio Name: Taboo Heat
    Stars: Vanessa Cage, Luke Longly
    Categories: Amateur, Blondes, Natural Breasts, Teen, Taboo Sinopsis:

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