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Thread: Most hot topics Ms. video! All Femdon! [Update every day]

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    Most hot topics Ms. video! All Femdon! [Update every day]

    Title: Noe - Sensually Smothers Slave with Ass (720 HD)

    Description: Also Available on Membership Site!! Noe very sensually sits on her slaves face. She grinds her hips and gently bounces. She gets so excited knowing that he cannot breathe. He is just for her pleasure. Noe lifts her feet and puts all her weight onto the slaves face. She decides to let it breathe a little so that it can stay alive enough for her use. She leans forward to examine its chastity. Noe loves that she controls every inch of the slave, especially his inch of manhood. She plans items she wants to purchase with his credit card as he is smothered in her ass. She sits full weight with her legs extended. Then, shifts to play with its chastity. Its so funny that his slave doesnt have a real penis. Thats why its always locked up in a pink chastity. Noe alternates sensually winding her hips on the slaves face with hard bouncing. She rests with her full weight on the slave again, legs extended. No mercy.

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 00:09:57
    Size: 452 Mb
    Resolution: 1280x720


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    Mistreated chair- part 2

    Title: Mistreated chair- part 2

    Description: In part 2 Reese decides if she can"t put her make up on she will decorate her chair's face while sitting on it. She also foot smothers him and spits in his face when she's done playing with him.

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 00:07:25
    Size: 56.11 MB
    Resolution: 640x360


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    Fuck My Boy Pussy Brat Dom (Pt 3 Anal Fucking)

    Title: Fuck My Boy Pussy Brat Dom (Pt 3 Anal Fucking)

    Description: Bratty Dom Anna Lee has had to satisfy herself And now is strapped up with a thick 10" inch cock and ready to spread and gape some boy pussy. Bratty Dom Anna makes her slut puppy suck and deep throat her hard cock, Gagging and spitting all over it as she makes him beg her to Fuck his boy pussy< She smacks his face and bends him over the fuck horse and spreads that tight little boy cunt and rams and fucks him hard until he begs for mercy

    Format: MP4
    Duration: 00:05:53
    Size: 886 MB
    Resolution: 1920x1080


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    Goddess Calypso Chastity Tease (POV)

    Title: Goddess Calypso Chastity Tease (POV)

    Description: You are on your knees next to Goddess Calypso as she lays out in her sexy pink bikini, She has you locked in chastity, and decides she will take her key and let you out for 5 minutes,She teases you licking the chastity device and rubbing it on her wet pink pussy, She instructs you to spit in your hand and start stroking that tiny pathetic dick of yours ,she rubs her pussy faster as she watches you drool all over yourself, finally she counts you down from 5 as she reaches an orgasm and you spray you loser goo all over the floor, Goddess Calypso laughs and tells you to lick it all up and then it's back in chastity for another week.

    Format: MP4
    Duration: 00:06:41
    Size: 898 MB
    Resolution: 1920x1080


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    The New Teacher Takes Over (Part 1-4)

    Title: The New Teacher Takes Over (Part 1-4)

    Description: Headmaster Martin is used to being in charge. It's normally he who dishes out the spankings. But Petra has put an end to his rule and decides to show him who is now in control. There's little the man can do but accept his punishment and thank her for it.

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 29 Min
    Size: 501 MB
    Resolution: 960x540


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    My swimming trunks?€¦have been sucked off! (Part 1-6)

    Title: My swimming trunks?€¦have been sucked off! (Part 1-6)

    Description: Amir found the girls' attentions too much to bear. Having ejaculated in front of them the big man runs away in horror. So it's now Carl's turn to be seen to. The girls fall upon him eagerly - their hands wandering over every inch of his naked body. It feels wrong to be letting them get away with such liberties. But at the same time Carl is in no position to refuse.

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 40 Min
    Size: 760 MB
    Resolution: 960x540


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    Avalanche of ass

    Title: Avalanche of ass

    Description: When Hailey sits on your face you're gonna feel it!Watch as the the poor shoot slave has head swallowed up by her abundant flesh.Her big butt overwhelms his head and it looks like he could disappear in her crack permanently.She doesn't care though as she laughs and smiles at him struggling for air between her mighty thighs and big butt cheeks.

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 00:10:00
    Size: 98 MB
    Resolution: 640x480


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    Weird Science Robot Takeover

    Title: Weird Science Robot Takeover

    Description: Your "Goddess Harley Love Doll" has just been downloaded and 3D-printed. All seems well and she seemed friendly at first and was working properly. She shows you her perfect replicated ass and boobs and begins to start really turning you on like a good robot love toy!

    Suddenly though, she gets an automatic update over Wifi and it seems the upgrade to her software has had some unexpected changes... She is now acting like the REAL Goddess Harley from Mean Girls! Her personality files have suddenly been modified to turn her into a dominatrix and a total Female Supremacist! And you BETTER do what she says because if you don't she will use her robot strength against you...slave!

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 00:12:43
    Size: 573 MB
    Resolution: 1280x720


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    Obsessed With My Handjobs

    Title: Obsessed With My Handjobs

    Description: Love seeing my little hands wrapped around a big cock? Do you imagine I'm toying with your dick? Seducing you, teasing you, fucking with you? I know you're addicted to me...

    Format: MP4
    Duration: 16 minut
    Size: 437.9 MB
    Resolution: 1280x720


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    Mistress maisa


    Description: n/a

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 14 Min
    Size: 310.03 MB
    Resolution: 1280x720


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    Amber Rayne POV Slave Orders - 2008

    Title: Amber Rayne POV Slave Orders - 2008

    Description: Amber Rayne is a mean little bitch! Here's a set of Slave Orders from back in 2008 upgraded to DVD quality!

    Format: MP4
    Duration: 00:09:10
    Size: 293.17 MB
    Resolution: 640x480


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    Red Stiletto Heel Dangle Trance

    Title: Red Stiletto Heel Dangle Trance

    Description: I know you?€™re staring at my sexy red stilettos. You love seeing them dangle from the edge of my toes. It is mesmerizing, hyp n0 t1c?€¦. as I dangle my heel just from my red toe. Follow it back and forth. The longer you watch it sway back and forth in front of your eyes, the more everything else will just fade away. You won?€™t hear anything else but the sound of my voice. Deeper and deeper you fall under my spell, feeling your addiction to my heels grow. You can?€™t stop now?€¦ and when my shoe drops, you?€™ll be completely under my control.
    Nothing but my perfect pedicured toes in front of your eyes now. You love them, cherish them, worship them, taste them?€¦ They are your world now. My bare feet, the wrinkles, my arches, are all perfection in front of your eyes. Every time you see me dangle my heel, you?€™ll drop to your knees with your tongue out waiting. You crave my feet, crave to be beneath me, living as my foot stool.
    And anytime you ever see red heels out in the street, it will send your mind back to this moment. You will want to come running back to my feet. Every time you see a dangle, your cock will get so hard you?€™ll have no control. You?€™re stuck now, forever under my control, under my feet, under my sexy shoes. And you fucking love it. I rule your world, simply with my feet.
    This trance will set in deeper and deeper the more you watch it. I?€™ll keep your cock on edge as it stays just as hard as these heels. But I won?€™t let you cum, not yet, this is how I further control your weak mind.

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 8 Min
    Size: 256.53 MB
    Resolution: 720x404


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    Sentenced To Be Teased

    Title: Sentenced To Be Teased

    Description: Larry was in court for his sexual harassment case. He was in front of Judge Ms. Law who was known for running her court a little different than other Judges. Larry pled innocent, until secret surveillance footage was shown proving he was guilty. After the footage was aired for the court, he was immediately found guilty. Instead of going to jail though, his punishment was going to take place right in the court room! The Judge ordered him to be stripped of his dignity, and his clothing! Once he was stripped the judge told the plaintiff that she was the one who was going to do the punishment. She was a little reluctant at first, but agreed when the judge ordered her to spank him. After spanking Larry nice and hard, the Judge ordered that the lawyer and plaintiff to give him a face sitting. After sitting on his face until he almost passed out, they ordered him to be masturbated in front of the courtroom. The Judge and officer held his arms down while they stroked his cock. He thought this was a great punishment until he was about to cum. The Judge ordered that the girls ruin his orgasm and not let him cum with pleasure. The girls agreed and right as he was about to blow his load, they stopped the stroking letting the cum slowly seep out rather than exploding with pleasure.

    Format: WMV
    Duration: 00:25:12
    Size: 211.33 MB
    Resolution: 960x540


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    The Lady and Goddess of the Manor in SEXY Latex!

    Title: The Lady and Goddess of the Manor in SEXY Latex!

    Description: My stunning latex outfit, 1930's style. Legs laced in fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings.
    My petite feet fit snug in my gorgeous black and white trim peep toe stilettos.

    My heavenly breasts bulge out of my skin tight cream and black latex top!

    Cum inside. Follow my divine footsteps. I will tease you endlessly with my
    sexy body. Make you worship my stunning stiletto heels. Thrust your face into
    my cleavage. Smother your face with my heavenly breasts. Admire my sexy body
    as your eyes cling my oh so sexy figure. Imagine your face between my stocking thighs.

    Oh the bitter, sweet of it all! How will you impress me?
    Meet me for such a session, and I will show you for REAL!

    Format: MP4
    Duration: 00:09:12
    Size: 351.14 MB
    Resolution: 1920x1080


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    Humiliating Repentance

    Title: Humiliating Repentance

    Description: What kind of humiliation does my friend Selma make her slaves do? Well, It's something ULTRA humiliating and something which makes me laugh at slaves too! -Goddess Raven

    Format: MP4
    Duration: 00:11:56
    Size: 699 MB
    Resolution: 1280x720


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