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Thread: Best erotic films of directors from the collection

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    Best erotic films of directors from the collection

    Paprika - Paprika (1991) DVDRip

    Released in Russia (or the world): 02/13/1991
    Released on DVD: 20.05.2010
    Genre: Drama, Erotica
    Duration: 1:51:19
    File Size: 745.8 MB
    Director: Tinto Brass
    Starring: Stephen Ferrara, Debora Caprioglio, Martin Brohard, Stephen Bonnet Rossana Gavinel, Renzo Rinaldi, Nina Soldano

    Wanting to help her fiance, Mima decides to earn some money in a brothel. Naive and gamble involves Mima in the chain of erotic adventures, from which it is not so easy to get, but the bride had deceived her and disappeared. Then she decides to make her temporary profession of lifelong employment. In addition to the erotic content, Tinto Brass shows the history of brothels (while in Italy they have not yet been banned), the life of prostitutes. Their uneasy relationship with the surrounding men: pimps, husbands customers.

    Picture: Paprika - Paprika (1991) DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video codec: XviD
    Audio codec: MPEG Audio
    Video: 1
    5 576x432, 25.00fps, 805Kbps
    Audio: 1
    5 44100 Hz, 2 channels, 128 kbit / s
    Translation: Prof. (polyphonic, offscreen)

    Download one file Paprika - Paprika (1991) DVDRip


    Oh, a woman / Fallo!

    Country: Italy
    Director: Tinto Brass
    Genre: Erotica, Romance, Drama
    Year: 2003
    Transfer: Professional (many-voiced, offscreen)
    Starring: Sarah Cosmi, Massimiliano Karoletti William DeVito, Guglielmo Aru, Silvia Rossi Federica Tommasi, Max Parodi, Andrea Nobili, Raffaello Ponzi Stefano Dzhandolfo.

    Description: "O women!" - The most outspoken film Tinto Brass, before which pales even the textbook "Caligula". Male members of the bloom on the screen, as the lilies of the valley in the spring. The vagina is disclosed so widely that involuntarily feel gynecologist on duty. Brass relentlessly camera - similar to a gynecological instrument in general. With the help of Brass explores female beauty in all its forms: physical, psychological. But most of all Brass, do not hesitate to bow before the back side - and the bigger it is, the better. Brass female bottoms decorated, perhaps a dozen of posters for his films. Six episodes of the comedy erotic lovers couples bored with each other .....

    Extras. Info:
    Quality: DVDvideo
    Format: VTS_03_1
    Duration: 1:26:38
    Size: 583.06 Mb
    Frame Width: 352
    The height of frame: 288

    Download file: Oh, a woman / Fallo! / VTS_03_1.VOB


    Love and passion / Capriccio / Love and Passion / Capri Remembered

    Year: 1987
    Country: Italy
    Genre: Erotica, Drama
    Duration: 1:29:01
    Translation: Amateur (Two)
    Director: Tinto Brass / Tinto Brass /
    Cast: Warren Nicola / Nicola Warren /, Francesca Deller / Francesca Dellera /, Andy J. Forest / Andy J. Forest /, Luigi Laetstsa / Luigi Laezza /

    Description: The American Jennifer arrived with her husband and child to relax on the beautiful island of Capri. There she meets a handsome Ciro, with whom she once had an affair. Naturally, romance resumed, but her husband is lost and starts "love" c prostitute. Thoroughly and in great detail by showing a series of love scenes, director / he is also writer / remembering about morality, returns sow their wild oats in the Italian sun spouses to family delight.

    Quality: VHS-Rip
    Format: AVI
    Video codec: DivX
    Audio codec: MP3
    Video: 512 x 384 (4: 3) 24-bit 25,000 Hz - the quality is not very much - Drugova at all.
    Audio: 44100 Hz, Stereo, 128 Kbit / s

    Download one file: Capriccio__Love_and_Passion-Capri_R ..._- 1987.avi


    Transgressing (Trasgredire) (2000) DVDRip

    Information about the film
    Hazvanie: Breaking taboos
    Original title: Transgressing (Trasgredire)
    Released: 2000
    Genre: Comedy, Erotica
    Director: Tinto Brass / Tinto Brass /
    Starring: Julia Mayarchuk / Yuliya Mayarchuk /, Jarno Berardi / Yarno Berardi /, Francesca Nunzio / Francesca Nunzi /, Max Parodi / Max Parodi /, Mauro Lorenz / Mauro Lorenz /, Leila Carli / Leila Carli /, Vittorio Aten / Vittorio Attene / Antonio Salines / Antonio Salines /

    About the film:
    Paola - a pretty girl of twenty, fun, energetic and, of course, very sexy, arrived in London from sunny Venice
    to master the course of "full immersion" in the English language. During the search for housing, she met with the owner of a real estate agency, which, together with her husband makes explicit attempts to translate a purely business relationship in sexually explicit. They offer Paola a "training program". The temptation is so great that Paola have to break a lot of taboos of her fiance left in Italy!

    It removes the tape is easy and fun, relaxed.

    Released: Italy
    Duration: 1:26:38
    Sound: Russian (many)

    Format: AVI (DivX)
    Quality: DVDRip
    Video: 1096 kb / s, 704x416
    Audio: MPEG Layer-3 Decoder, 136 kb / s
    Size: 695 MB

    Download: Transgressing (Trasgredire) (2000) DVDRip


    Sexy lace / Sex Lingerie (2005) TVRip

    Natasha - a talented designer creates beautiful lingerie. She believes that to truly appreciate the beauty of lace can only be a man, and only when they demonstrate a sexy woman ...

    Information about the film
    Name: Sexy Lace
    Original title: Sex Lingerie
    Released: 2005
    Genre: Erotic
    Director: Antonio Adamo
    Cast: Sebastian Barrio, Mike Foster, Frank Gong, Sarah James, Alison Ray, Gilda Goy, Lydia St. Martin, Bob Terminator, Liliane Tiger, George Uhl

    About the film:
    Natasha - a talented designer creates beautiful lingerie. She believes that to truly appreciate the beauty of lace can only be a man, and only when they demonstrate a sexy woman ...

    Released: Germany
    Duration: 1:29:12
    Professional (Two)

    Format: AVI
    Quality: TVRip
    Video: XviD, 640x480, 1276 kb / s
    Sound: MP3, 2 (ch) 128 kb / s, 48 ​​kHz,
    Size: 900.08 Mb

    Download sexy lace / Sex Lingerie (2005) TVRip


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